HPCA Founded in 1929  

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The Hyannis Port Civic Association was organized by summer residents of Hyannis Port in 1929 with the goal of acquiring and maintaining the Hyannis Port pier and West Beach Club and providing security and other services to make life in our village more pleasant. Our mission has changed little since that time.

Members of the Civic Association must own property or meet residency requirements within the village of Hyannis Port.  Membership entitles you to the use of the pier, is a prerequisite for membership in the West Beach Club, and entitles you to vote at the annual meeting of the Civic Association held every year on or about August 1st. Hyannis Port Civic members pay a Homeowners Assessment for each house along with Membership Dues for individuals and families and Wharfage Fees for boats moored in the Hyannis Port harbor. The Civic Association operates a security service which works closely with the Barnstable Police force to patrol village streets and to deter criminal activity in Hyannis Port.

Although membership is voluntary, most of Hyannis Port’s property owners are members, as are many other residents who are not owners.

Because of the broad base of our community support, the Civic Association has done much to preserve the village’s friendly, close-knit atmosphere.


   Hyannis Port Civic Association, PO Box 301, Hyannis Port, MA 02647